What is the TALENTKIDS?
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TALENTKIDS is a game-changing solution for the future generation

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while reshaping the current generation’s mindset, responsible for shaping their children’s future

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ultimately contributing to a better tomorrow

You are a parent looking for your child’s future career prospects

You are someone who believes in a child pursuing their dream and changing the redundant narrative of not following a “creative career” like sports, music, arts, entertainment, and possibly anything that revolves around creativity

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Why a creative career?

A little insight into why creative careers are meaningful revolves precisely around the fact that creativity can take multiple forms and is highly prised in the industry. With problem-solving solutions, creative individuals excel at what they do and have much more exposure, with very little acceptance initially before they even start.

In today’s world, if someone has to pursue a creative career, they must prove themselves first. However, things are not the same for people not opting for creative careers and continuing with academic-based jobs. They don’t need to prove themselves to get the job. Instead, they get the job first and prove themselves later for promotional purposes

But you do not need to worry!

At TALENTKIDS, we ensure what is best for your child.

Our platform is a safe spot to look for guidance at all times. WELCOME TO TALENTKIDS.

in birth of the company

through our research, it was evident that parents are unsure which clubs or opportunities to look for while enabling their kids to step into creative careers.

it leads to a gap where parents cannot understand what to do and where to begin. To bridge this particular gap, TALENTKIDS has developed a viable solution where love and effort are involved and ultimately guarantees productive outcomes.

our company’s CEO is proud to state that he is a football coach and a great one the world has ever seen. Explore our About Us page and find out more about us.

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.


The vast majority have attempted eventually to be somebody else. Once in a while, this is because we like the change, and at times this is because we feel like we need to change to fit in.

When I was a young man, I cherished playing football. While I was a respectable focal protector and traditional back, since I was an area of strength for genuinely having a decent speed and a fierce shot, I wound up as a striker sometimes, as well.

However, my strategy and senses let me down while attempting to be a decent striker. I’m more of an issue solver than someone who loves to score. I love to direct a group from the back, and I flourish under tension when I can decide. What’s more, I tend to lead and care for others, which are great resources for safeguarding.

A striker, in any case, needs different characteristics. The best strikers show restraint, zeroed in on individual achievement, and perhaps somewhat prideful on occasion.

Don’t focus on what she can’t do. Focus on what she can do. Like a boss.


Engaging individuals to arrive at their maximum capacity

We began TALENTKIDS as an opportunity for parents like you to make wise decisions for your kids. We centre around your child’s capacity, believing they should do what suits them best

We’ll enquire about their abilities, what drives them to succeed, and which capabilities you think will help your child help in leading to a great future.

TALENKIDS utilises a survey that gives a robotised report, understanding abilities, correspondence, and battles. It’s a demonstrated technique to see regions you should deal with and create. It likewise shares where your normal abilities lie so you can utilise those abilities for your potential benefit.


Our team responds to all queries and guides them accordingly.


We ensure to connect parents with agents, coaches, clubs, etc.


Enabling your child to participate in the TALENTKIDS community providing excessive opportunities for students to expand their circle for a progressive future.